Driving Test


The practical driving test (car) gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to the examiner that you can drive safely and that you fully understand the Highway Code as well as the theory of safe driving. If you meet this standard consistently throughout the driving test, you will pass.


At the start of the test the examiner will check your eyesight by asking you to read the number plate of a parked vehicle from a distance of 20 metres. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses in order to read the number plate, it is legal requirements that they are worn for the duration of the driving test and each time you drive. If your eyesight does not meet the required standard after two further attempts at reading a number plate, you will fail your test.

Show me, tell me

The examiner will ask you two questions related to vehicle safety. These are known as “show me, tell me” questions. You will have to show the examiner how you would carry out a safety check and tell them how you would carry out another. If you answer either of these questions incorrectly, one minor driving fault will be recorded on your driving test report form.